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Comparison: W-2 Employee vs. 1099 Independent Contractor
Category W-2 Employee 1099 Independent Contractor
Employment Relationship Employee of the company Self-employed individual
Control and Independence Employer has control over work hours, tasks, and methods Contractor has control over work hours, tasks, and methods
Tax Withholding Employer withholds income tax and payroll taxes Contractor responsible for paying estimated taxes
Benefits and Protections Eligible for company-provided benefits (healthcare, retirement, etc.) and protections under employment laws Responsible for own benefits and protections under labor laws
Work Expenses Employer generally covers work-related expenses Contractor typically covers own work-related expenses
Form of Payment Regular salary or wages Payment based on contractual agreement and invoices
Employer Obligations Employer pays payroll taxes and may provide certain protections and benefits as required by law No employer obligations beyond the terms of the contract
Tax Filing Employee receives Form W-2 at the end of the year Contractor receives Form 1099 at the end of the year
Insurance Coverage Employer-provided insurance coverage (e.g., workers' compensation) Contractor responsible for own insurance coverage
Termination May be subject to termination protections and notice requirements under employment laws Generally no specific termination protections or notice requirements, governed by contract terms

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